Carb/ Starting problems!? Any help?

Hey guys, Im new to the forum and have been looking around and liking what I see here. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to my problem and/or ideas on what i can do to fix it!!

Here it is:

I own a used lifan 138cc pitbike that i had bought last year from a friend who left it outside over the winter. About a month ago the bike was starting first kick every try but was bogging, spitting/jetting when in idle as well as being rev'd.. I let it run for a bit when the thing just backfired real loud and shut off. Now it wont start and I'm thinking it could be the carb. (gnna clean it as soon as I get a chance.. heavy work schedule)..

changed spark plug and still wont start... any thoughts? any info would really help!!!

Thanks alot in advance guys!

Pull the carb and jets...clean and reassemble.

What he said. (And check for spark).

if its spitting fuel out the back of the carb while running OR while trying to start its a timing problem if after COMPLETELY CLEANING the carb taking EVERYTHING OUT and cleaning all of it and making sure it has spark it still wont start check the timing. on most bikes there is a bolt on the right of the head front center in betweet two others that holds the plate on the left side on take it off take the flywheel cover off and check position if its off reset it and shold start right up

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