Getting a YZ250 what are the good years and stuff

I got to ride my friends YZ250 and I loved the power! I can't believe how fun 2 Strokes are! Remember me that kid that was asking about if I should get a YZ250 or a 125 becasue I rode that trail bike? 2 Strokes are where its at! I'm getting a YZ250 witch is the best year and the most fun to ride? I'm looking at a 2000 to 2004 but I heard older YZ250s don't have that much torque but a Harder hitting power band is this true? I'm going to be doing trail riding and most of the trails are wide open and some sand dunes and some MX. Is that true though that older YZ250s have a harder hitting powerband and newer ones have a smooth powerband? I want a hard and alittle smooth powerband though

no. 2000 and up... same motor pretty much.

Smooth power but snappy and torquey as hell if you want it.

my 2000 was amazing. you could lug it slow, or just twist the throttle and take off like a bat out of hell. any good yz250 will be nice. 05 has the aluminum frame wich saves like 5 lbs, 06 forks, 07 i think they switched carb? not any majore changes other than forks and frame.

2011 has european specs. wich is cool cause it has a long silencer.

Do the older ones have a hard hitting powerband though?

not really, its pretty smooth power even with out a flywheel weight. imo fww suck.

its smooth but always there when you need it, i could start out in 3rd on my yz and it wouldn even bog down. 250 2ts are awesome but yz is the way to go. get a good yz250 and you wont regret it trust me.

1999+ are all excellent.

If you pay a bit more, go with the 05 as it has the new forks and frame. Forks need a little work but after they are valved they are excellent.

If you pay even a little bit more, you can get the 06 model which has SSS forks and I could have sworn a titanium rear spring, but not to sure on that second part.

06-11 are pretty much the same bikes, 08 got some wave rotors which is about the only difference worth mentioning.

I have a 2000, and my buddy just bought an 06 with around 5 total hours on it. We can not tell a difference between either engines, they're identical.

I haven't had enough seat time on the 06 to give a great ride report for the different suspension.

If you can find a nice condition 1999+ yz, it is a good buy. For these bikes, the condition and price would be the deciding factor for me, not the year.

it all depends on what you are willing to spend, and anyway yamaha hasn't changed anything engine wise from 05/06 to 2011, quote me if im wrong

Every time on this post someone says the are interested in a Yamaha I get all crazy dude! I fell in love with these machine since Yamaha launch the wr400 beast, just did the mods to mine and man the test run was explosive like a shotgun from hell!!! someone once describe this machine as "from the moment the throttle was cracked it behaved liked a raped ape...bananas!..bananas!...bananas!

I traded my KTM 450 for a 2004 YZ 250 last year. Absolutely love the bike, it comes on strong but is still very controllable, always swore I'd be orange for like. But to be honest I think I''l just stay with a YZ as long as I ride a 2 stroke. And a good bit the parts of the last 10 years will interchange. I haven't rode any YZ's except for 2004 but loved all them. (YZF 450, YZ 250, YZ 125)

it all depends on what you are willing to spend, and anyway yamaha hasn't changed anything engine wise from 05/06 to 2011, quote me if im wrong

The 2011 has lower compression

yeah makes more HP also.

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