KTM 65 SX Kickstand

I picked up a kickstand from Trailtech with a plan to make it fit on my 144. That did not work out. However, we found out that it would work on my youngest son's 2004 ktm 65 sx. This was almost a direct bolt on application. We did need to grind off just a little to clear one spot on the frame and we needed to shorten up the length of the kickstand for such a small bike. The supermotard kickstand is much shorter due to the smaller wheels but still too long for a 65. We ended up taking about an inch off the supermotard stand. If you would like a kickstand on a 65 this works. I would assume this would work well on an 85 or 105 as well.




DOH! You have to come up with this AFTER we moved up to a 105xc (with kickstand, thank you very much). :thumbsup: Looks great BTW!

Dunno how many times I heard "Hold my bike, I gotta pee!" :thumbsup:

This rocks.

Anyone have a clue what year and model the kickstand he used is from?

I too would love to know what model of kickstand is used?

I bought this for a 2007 125 SX or 2008 144 SX but it did not fit. I ended up adapting it to fit my youngest son's 65. I had to grind off a little of the bracket to make it fit the frame and I shortened the tube for the 65. It should be this one: http://www.trailtech.net/5301-00.html Just remember you have to modify it because it was not designed for a 65.


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Thanks Joe, My wife is getting a SX 105 and the thought of her not having a kick stand seemed like it would be a bigger pain then trying to source one.....you've just given me a huge lead. Cheers, Bryan

I took a look at the illustrated parts break down for the 105. From 2008 to 2010 the XC model came with a kickstand and it does not look like the frame or sub frame has changed in the area the kickstand mounts. You should be able to make something work.


Has anyone had any luck getting the Trailtech kickstand to fit on a 105 SX?

I'm trying to figure out if it's a good place to start.


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