2003 Kx 250 shift drum issue

I am rebuild my 2003 kx 250 and am ready to put the case back together but i am wondering if there is any specific way the shift drum needs to face or any certain spot that the shift forks need to sit so that when the case are back together the transmission will shift correctly? any information about the shift drum, transmission itself or anything like that will help greatly thx.

I THINK this is right. I test fit everything without the crank installed and shifted through all the gears while turning the transmission to make sure it was right before I finally installed the crank. I believe this was the way I put it together. The position of the drum should be the same in all the pics.






I second what he did, you can even drop the crank into the right side case, and then put the tranny/forks/drum in and then shift it by turning the output shaft that would go to the clutches and moving the shift drum to ensure it shifts throughout the gears. This is what i did when i had mine apart before pulling them back together.

Thanks guys for the inputs i think it's going to help me out alot. Now off to putting back together so i can get back to riding once again

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