Xr400. Help me confirm numbers

I have a 2002 xr400 I want to trail ride with my son and supermoto with myfriends. First: gordon mods, would 160M and 60P jetting work with k&n, snorkle removed, and 3 holes in muffler. I ride in ky at 200 ft elevation.

Second: I got sumo wheels from warp 9 and want to be able to swap street and dirt wheels easily the chain that I have now is long becuase it came to me with a 14t front and 148t rear. I have now a 16t for the front and 44r rear. Could I keep the chainn length the same for my two setups if I got a stock 45t for the dirt rear wheel, giving me 16t/44t street and 14t/45t dirt combo setups. I think I can use the same chain for these but can anyone confirm that these gearing setups could share the same chain?

lastly, it seems the stock chain guide slightly contacts my sumo wheel, anyone know of a thinner option or I may just grind a little off.

thanks so much gurus.

I'm thinking being able to use the same chain for both setups is going to be close. I would use your current chain as a guinea pig to find out.

I think I would cut your current chain so that with the 14/45, the wheel is all the way back in the fork, nearly maxxing out the snail adjuster, and at proper slack. Then put your other wheel on and 16/44 gearing and see how far forward in the swingarm it pulls the wheel, towards the other extreme of the snail adjuster, at proper slack.

I can't imagine your chain guide contacting your sumo wheel. Maybe the tire but not the wheel. There again, I think I'd use the stock one as a guinea pig and see how much modifying it's going to take, as you may have to do pretty much the same to any aftermarket guide you buy.

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