Tires or wheels

So I bought a DRZ 400 SM, and I enjoy dual sport riding. The question is, should I purchase a set of 18/21 wheels and tires for off-road or purchase more aggressive 17 for the motard rims?

Your input would be great!!!!


It all depends on your wallet. If you have the mOney and are serious about DS riding then yes purchase a dirt set up. They can be had cheap on eBay or local/forum classifieds if your patient. But the SM with the right tire is very happy for off road fun whih many riders will tell you. There are plenty of Members that have mounted knobbys on 17's and actually use them

I put some avon distanzias on my 17 inch wheel because I wanted something that was a little more aggressive than the stock tires. They are by no means an offroad tire but work great for gravel/fire roads and light trail riding. If you want to do more than that I would get knobbies.

Depends of what you mean by off road. The 17" setup wouldn't be good enough for where I ride, and I don't ride anything that crazy.

Hi, I went through the same dilemma about 3 months ago.

I ended up getting ebay a set of DRZ400e wheels and tires for my SM for the following reasons.

When you are 20km away from your trailer/truck and you hit some sand or mud you want the right wheels and tires anything else although it may be ok wont work when your in more difficult terrain. Edit: I don't ride to trails cause you could fall and break something on the bike and not be able to get home.

You may be riding with mates who's bikes are 20-30kgs lighter than yours and finding it tough keeping up through sand/mud, you don't also want the disadvantage of having smaller wheels.

The 300mm front rotor will be better off on a bigger wheel when it comes to rocks.

For me wheels are easier to swap over than tires.

Distanzias are good but again sand and mud will be an issue.

Once a month I swap over my set of wheels, tires back rotor and sproket for offroad, takes me 1hr although some do it quicker. When I get some cash ill get a 2nd 300mm front rotor for my offroad set.

You may think that you are happy with fire roads and light trails but you will soon want to get stuck into more challenging stuff.

Good luck, btw, what you really want is a second offroad bike that you can fall off and not cry about it when you drop your beautifull SM!!!!

Thanks guys----Your input is of great value.


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