Rear Spring Has a Hard Stop Mid Stroke

Went out the garage yesterday sat on my YZ426f and noticed that about 2" into the rear shock stroke it hit a kinda hard spot. Feels like a rubber bump stop almost. It will continue to compress but it takes much more force than normal. I fiddled with my compression and rebound settings just to make sure there was not something stuck or out of tune but no change. In fact it kinda acts like there is no change when adjusting the compression adjusters. The rebound adjustments made changes I can feel but I could not feel any changes in either the low or high speed compression.

Any ideas as to what I may be up against? Could I have lost the nitrogen from the cylinder?

Probably is the linkage stating to rust and bind up . I would check that first. If that is ok I would check to see if the shock shaft is bent.

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