2011, Speak up you guy!!!

Whats up fellas, My 2011 RMZ250 has let me down and im going back red. Im from Vancouver Canada, just above washington, Anyone get good deals from WA or somewhere close? And how are these machines, ive been reading about the cranks going and also leaky injectors. Could you guys fill me in!!! Happy easter

ive heard the problem is with the 2010's,havent heard about issues about the 2011's yet.happy easter to ya

Haven't had any of those problems out my 2010's.

Iam out here in chilliwack,currently sitting on 21 hrs on my 11,other than a remap and throttle body insert and throwing in a set of .46 springs its been awesome with no issues.

i know a few guys with the rmz's locally had trans issues but they were on the 10's.

Right on bomax, who did the remap? And what did u pay otd if you dont mind me asking? you can pm me if u dont want it on here. Thanks guy.

i work at a dealer as does the wife so i got it at cost up here,but let me say its cheaper in the states at retail than what cost is up hear(got mine in january)

i got maps from eddie on here and did a few adjustments for our colder riding weather through the winter/spring we had,then just did the uploading and such myself with the hrc programmer, i put his map back to what he had it today and rode at cattermole and was really good..the gains werent really big with a remap on the stock bike but it runs awesome.probably throw a full yosh on it and do another map and just ride it.the stock pipe/muffler seams to choke off the top a bit but sure is quiet!

the rear link i did on it too(speed merchant carries them on the island,ride industries) and it helped alot,i think the local guys like RMR and such lower it internally a bit but i'd rather be able to swap it out quicker if need be.

Red failed me so I went to yellow.

Yellow just failed me so im going some other color, i hate green, and blue is old as shit. Its either orange or red. I loved my 2011 RMZ but my tranny is about to detonate at 11.8 hours. Bruuutttaall!! I cant risk neutrals on the jump faces or landings. Ive had the landing and not willing to do the other. Unless suzuki hooks me up with a new tranny and fast im done. Its like that ex gf that you know you cant trust but she had the tighest bod. You wanna go back but you know better!!! Im heartbroken!!!

Paulsons Kawasaki will hook you up with a kawi in washington

Across the ferry to Port Angeles Power Equipment. I bought both bikes there. Speaking of Vancouver Island. Here is a ride report in case you missed it from 3 or 4 years ago. Had a blast up there. :thumbsup:


I def dont want a kawasaki, the push in the corners destroyed my confidence which is so important in motocross. I have searched long and hard about 2011 models with fuel in the oil and blown cranks but cant find a single thing! that is great news!! Anybody with anything to chime in!

The "old" yamaha is about the ONLY reliable one of the bunch.

Hard riders are eating up cranks on the hondas - often the rod snaps and takes out an entire engine with it.

Also intake buckets are very suspect even on a stock bike if you rev a lot.

Other than that they seem to be very good about valve life, piston life, trannies dont seem to break...

Kawi's are hard on clutches and valve seats - sometimes buckets are shattering too - but they are fairly solid.

RMZ trannies...

And yamaha - no known issues - although I have seen one rider float the center intake and take out a head, piston, and cylinder, but he over revs bad and was just coming off 125's - where you can downshift to your hearts contect when landing off a jump. Not a good idea on a four stroke - spins the motor much to fast and breaks parts.

The new yamaha chassis IMHO is damn good - almost like an 08 honda.

Good suspension...

Only pesky issue is the carb. Once dialed its great - but until then it can be like any bike with a carb - and bog. Power wise it gets a bad knock - but it's got good acceleration - and if you watched/followed any of the am nationals thus far - chris allredge is winning races on it in stock class. I'd say its capable of winning - its not the bike holding you back.

What would I buy? Tough call - I love the RMZ everything if tranny is good. The kawi is only so so IMHO - I never understand why its rated so high I think it feels heavy and turns poorly. I hate the new honda chassis - but the engine in mod form is a monster.

Yamaha is what it is - nothing spectacular - but nothing terrible. Plus they dont blow up - which for me is probably the deal maker.

So ask yourself.

What's most important to you?

If it's riding every weekend (or however often you ride) with no down time due to repairs - it's probably the yamaha.

If it's motor - the honda makes a good arguement

You ruled out the kx...

You ruled out the rmz

and the ktm...sweet bike! Pay the up front costs - be ready for higher parts costs (if you need a lever or whatever) but they are awesome bikes. Forgot to write about it - but they are pretty sweet. Long term reliability seems good too.

10'rmz with false neutrals just NAILED my buddy...4th gear in whoops...popped out...2 DESTROYED wrists and a messed up elbow. NOT GOOD!!

I hate the new honda chassis - but the engine in mod form is a monster.

How is this years honda chassis different from the 10?

It is not.

My reference is to the 10 chassis.

I def dont want a kawasaki, the push in the corners destroyed my confidence which is so important in motocross. I have searched long and hard about 2011 models with fuel in the oil and blown cranks but cant find a single thing! that is great news!! Anybody with anything to chime in!

just put 20mm clamps on the kxf and you will have the best bike out there. i rode with 22s before they were better but i just put 20s on it is now the complete package.

I still have to side with the ideas that Honda just received a bad shipment of cranks/crank bearings or some people put in alot of dirty fuel. I would highly recommend to all EFI owners to buy http://www.crfstuff.com/prfufi.html. I believe it has definitely helped. As for no issues with the 2011's yet, I hate to spoil the fun, but I doubt they are free of the problems as the part numbers for the the crank AND throttle body assembly are identical between the years.

Just gotta say my 2010 has been nothing but incredible for me. Best bike I have ever ridden and no maintenance issues so far.

GO GREEN YOUNG MAN! Yeah less than 40hrs on my "red" bike and the f*@#!#$%! bottom end blows up so after 1400 hundred bucks she back running but sh.. . come on, so I would say go green or orange but oranges are more $

Good luck with your new ride but maybe something other than RED like I'm seeing everytime I think of it! later

Yellow has bad trannies, Green has reliablility issues, blue is old, red burns valves, orange has a sucky suspension. THERE IS NO "PERFECT" BIKE.

Yeah, Pick what ever bike you like the most.. Every bike is gonna have something to bitch about and they are all gonna have there mechanical problems.. I'll stick with my kawis(:

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