Could someone name this part?

Hi , Was wondering if anyone could help me name this part



The engine is a 250 cc Zongshen off a pit bike the engine code is ZS169FMM

all i can find is that it is possibly a neutral safety switch/gear position indicator

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what does this connect to ? I bought this bike but cannot find anywere this was connected? does some one have a pit bike with one of these that knows where this wire set goes to so i could connect it? thank you

I don't have one but I would guess the same as you.

Yup, gear indicator switch. If your bike doesn't have a gear indicator display, the wires don't attach to anything.

Makes sence , good to know im really not missing anything thanks for the info and quick reply, now i just need to order a new piston.

yes that is gear sensor :thumbsup:

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