400 auto clutch?

Don't see them mentioned here. Anyone have one?

doh, I'm in that thead.......

I hope to have one in a while. Rev Loc is working on a dyna ring for us

I emailed them to see how it's coming. :thumbsup:

My crapal (intentional) tunnel is flaring up, and i"m thinking not clutching would be a nice thing for my hands.

yep. I have one.

Don't think they'd mind some free advert.


From: "info@revloc.com" <info@revloc.com>

To: MLB <mikeb46815@yahoo.com>

Sent: Mon, April 25, 2011 10:38:11 AM

Subject: re: XR ??


Just test rode our latest dyna ring, xr400r.

it works pretty darn well, and we are putting install instructions together, developing a price structure and getting inventory ramped up.

no dyna for the 650l though sorry.

let me know if you want on the list for the 400, very important.




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