06-08 Rear Brake pedal needed!

Anyone have a spare 06-08 KXF250 rear brake pedal thats in perfect condition. not all bent up and destroyed?? I need one because i just bent mine like 90% up after wrecking. Let me know. Send me a private message

does anyone have a spare one. ill take an 09 if thatll fit.

most people only get another one if they bend thiers.. search ebay..

You can have my stock one if you buy me a new Hammer Head lever :thumbsup:

will an 09 pedal work on my 08?? I can get an 09 on ebay

The way I check to see if other years parts will fit is to go to a website like Motosport and look up the OEM part number for your bike, then go to the other year and see if the part numbers are the same. 13236-097 for both years. I would say you are good.

just bought an 09 pedal on ebay for $45

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