carb question

I wonder if anybody else has noticed this on their XR650.

I leak gas out of the overflow tubes when the bike isn't upright enough.

The bike runs fine and other than being uncorked is stock.

It's not like the bike is laying on the ground or anything like that, but sometimes if it's leaning over on the kickstand it leaks out gas.

It seems to me that if the bike can stand up on the kickstand it shouldn’t be leaking gas. Since it runs fine, I have just been turning off the gas when I notice it leaking out.

Do I need to adjust my floats?

Does anybody else notice this?



The cause is most likely some crud that prevents the float plug from seating properly.

Make sure the petcock is turned to off. :D

Loosen the carb clamps (around the boots on both sides of the carb) and twist the carb toward you. Drain the gas from the carb bowl by removing the drain plug on the bottom (put a shop rag under the carb). Then remove the bottom cover (bowl) of the carb. Spray some carb cleaner in the down gas tube which the float plug fits into and clean the hard rubber float plug. Blow out the area with compressed air and then put it back together.

This worked for me. Very simple, very easy. :)

Note: You should not jump to fiddling with the float level if everything has been working well.

Hey thanks needsprayer, I'll give that a try.

If there is no crude blocking the seat try lowering the float by 2mm. They come from the factory too high since flat desert racing is what they had in mind when they set the float at the factory. If you do any tight trail riding where you climb steep slow hill and you find yourself flooding out and the air box has fuel leaking out. Lower the float its too high.

Float height definitely needs to be adjusted. All of them do that from the factory.

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