2010 YZF 250 or 2010/09 CRF 250?

Hey guys, well I'm pretty torn over these three bikes. Let me give you some backround on myself. I'm a recreational rider for now but may start racing, either Harescrambles or MX and I ride trails and MX right now. I'm thinking I may go towards Harescrambles but I know these bikes could pretty easily be turned into woods bikes. Anyways, my absolute favorite part of the YZF is the reliability because I'm not to fond of dropping money into engines often. I have heard that it has some top end power issues but I'm sure that could be fixed with an exhaust system. Then we have the CRF's, I was pretty much sold on the 09 because of the MXA reviews and I thought the 10 was bad because of MXA. Well, I read some more reviews and it seems the 10 isn't quite as bad as I thought. I love the dual exhaust and power of the 09 but my favorite part of the 10 is the EFI. I also heard the CRFs tend to have valve problems. Oh, and also, I'm a smaller guy so which are thinner? I've done a lot of research on all of these bikes but would just like some input from you guys, thanks!

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valve problems will kill you on the crf. the crf is good everywhere but not great anywhere. the yamaha has great bottom end and great steering and cornering and pretty good suspension. terrible top end so once you get past the bottom end you might as well shift because there is no more power there. the engine is SO reliable. change oil and filter, clean the air filter and then top end every 100 hours to 150 and the bike will run forever. honda's just dont last as long. but arent that bad of bikes. i would take the yamaha if i were you. if i had to pick another make of bike, i would get a ktm. thats all i will ever ride is yamaha and KTM, best reliability bikes and not bad power at all

Cool, thanks for the reply. I was leaning more towards the Yamaha. But I'm going to go to the Honda/Yamaha dealership and sit on both and see how they feel.

turing a 250F mx bike is a lot harder then u think, u should go with a YZ250 two stroke, or a KTM 250 SX two stroke of u r going to make a woods, mx cross bike, from the the 250F cross bike i have riden was to fast in the woods and he had a 17oz flyweel in it i think, it was a heavy flyweel, then i drove a YZ250 two stroke with no woods mods to it and it was Fing amazing, so think about a two stroke before u get a 4

I've got a two stroke and I just prefer the fours. I rode my dads and I just love it. I won't really have a problem working on them because my dad has been a mechanic for over 20 years. :thumbsup:

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