Help !!!Red glowing exhaust WR450F


I own a new WR450F for one week now, and this evening I noticed that my exhaust become extremely hot its glowing red after a few minutes. I think the problem is that he can't loose his heat because the setup of the valves are not correct. Does anyone agree with that or is it another problem or is it normal?

Thanks in advance,


It's normal.Was the bike idling?

Welcome to TT. :)

Yes when I'm riding the problem is less I think because the wind.


Hello tonkie, and welcome to ThumperTalk! Many different things are discussed here, but nothing more than motorcycles!

Yes, having your bike running and not moving (ideling) will make the exhaust pipe turn red. And it will do it quick!

Get moving, a little air through the radiators, and the bike will cool right back down.

It is best to limit the time that your bike is running while not moving. If I am stopped for 1 minute or more, I shut down.

Hope that answers your question.

Hello Brandon,

I always drive Honda and one week ago I switch to Yamaha and I thought this was my punnishment. Buy these answers take away those worries.


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