250f specs between 07 & 08

Is there any differences inside the motors? Cams, crank, inanition,transmission ratios? Just wondering.:thinking

Some changes in the head area, valve springs changed for cetain, cams maybe? ignition black box?

08 has an updated crank after the 07's had some issues.

the cranks were a recall for the 08 models but the ones produced after the recall had the new cranks from factory.

I believe the cam profile changed a bit for more smooth power, the 07 ive heard has a bit more of a hit down low.

As I keep researching this, it seems that the exhaust cam is the difference. As SealDEC said. That would effect the performance personality of the two motors.

I'm still learning about these 250f's. I sold my 525 sx and 200sx.

yea, not sure which it was but my buddy owned an 07 and i own an 08. The only difference between the two was that he had a megabomb header and his bike definitly had a bit more of a hit down low but it still had power throughout the RPM range. The 08 I have flattened out the hit down low (still good pull) but has more power throughout the RPM range.

If most of your tracks/trails are tight the 07 will definitly have more grunt down low but i personaly liked the 08 the best, theres no words for how smooth and even the power is and for me it makes me that much more confident in my riding. Cant say how much of a difference that megabomb made though as his bike came like that so didnt get a chance to see with it off.

If you are looking at buying the whole bike, remember the 07 is a 1 year-run bike and there are parts that will not go on the 07 (KTM fan kit, larger KTM tank). The 08 will give you more options on accessories.



The reason I asked this question, is a couple of months ago. I bought my son a 08 250f and about a month ago I bought me an 07 250f. So today I rode them both to compare. It does seem like the 08 starts making its power a little earlier and mine has a little more power in the upper rpm range. I think I might see about getting a exhaust cam from a 08 and put it in my 07. Thanks for all the help guys.

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