Anyone jet stock carb without a jet kit?

I assume the stock needle is adjustable? I don't see how a person can't just buy a larger pilot and a few mains and re jet that way? Until I get fully used to street riding I am not going for power mods. I just want 3x3 and to get rid of the stock surging at half throtle or Lower to make riding smoother and easier.

becuase main jets and pilot are only 2/3 of what needs done.

Yes it can be done , and many have . The main reason people buy these kits are the extra bits and pieces on offer . Like the parts for removing the plug on the fuel screw with the dynojet kit . And the extra pilot jet and float bowl screws with the james dean kit . But least of all it is the research that has gone into the taper on the needle which offers much better throttle responce , greg

The stock needle is not adjustable. Well, I guess you could shim it up but there is only one slot for the clip.

Ok thanks was not sure on the needle. I guess I will just take the plunge and pick up a jet kit. Is an extended fuel screw recommended? Or can you get a mini screw driver on the stock screw without rotating the carb?

i use one of those three inch drill bits that has a philips head on one end and flat head on the other. works great.

no room for most screwdrivers to access the stock fuel could obtain the correct length driver bit for the stock screw and weld a washer to it so you can use it for tuning if you want to get real cheap.

Honestly , I have never touched the fuel screw on my bike . I bought the extended screw when I put on the FCR/MX set it to 2.5 turns before I put the carb on the motor and havent touched it since . Were I live it is just dead flat with one or two small mountains , nothing above 1500 metres . If you know you would be adjusting it a lot , an extended screw could be the ticket ( keintech is only 20 bucks ) otherwise I would do what bumtarder suggested , its all I ever did for many years . I cut off a small bladed screw driver and wrapped a rubber band around it for grip and this lasted for ever , greg

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