Broken 250x

Tried to take my bike out. It would not start! I took it too my mechanic and he could not get it to start. Says the compression is low and measures the piston. H said I oval,d the cylinder. Dam! Maybe screwed the head up.

I have two questions

1. Why did this happen

2. As I'm doing a rebuild should I go to the big bore kit? Athena 270. Jetting cut the air box. Etc. Wha do you guys think?

I'm bummed. I also change the oil. Maintain every fluid. Why should I do this if it's going to happen anyway!

I was going to get. New bike but I guess I'll wait and stay with the old one with a big bore.

Oh by the way the bike is a stock 06 crf250x

cylinders will oval after some time, but it usually takes some hours to "accomplish" this

big bores are good for some, bad for others. be sure to read up on all the kits

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