real bad luck

So today went out to the dunes on the 09 didn't fall once. Tied it up and put it in the trailer and right when we are leaving the tie down on the left comes off and the bike lands on the metal railing. Damage bent both sides of one radiator and is now leaking antifreaze:banghead: anything I can do to repair it?

buy a new radiator depending on how bad the damage is. post some pics

Its actually not bad 2 rows on each side are crushed in the middle. The problem is the fluid seems like its coming out of the crushed parts. Ill put some pics up in a bit

+1 on replacement. Your cooling system is like your bike's blood. If it's not there when it really needs it, the chances are it won't need it again.

It's not worth taking the chances.

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You can find some sweet deals on ebay.

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