2007 crf250r helpp!!

Okay guys, well i just had a complete valve job done, new valves, head redone, etc. And on the first ride yesterday it ran amazing, no problems, after i was done i cleaned it off, cleaned the airfilter and changed the oil. So i went out for another ride today and it ran great again for the first 2 hours. Then it started sputtering, but only in 3rd gear with the throttle pinned. So i took a break checked over everything and waited a half hour, then when back out. Ran great again for the first 45 minutes, then it started sputtering like crazy through all the gears...i ride motocross if that has anything would have anything to do with it. I also just bought the bike brand new in July 2010 and have roughly 3 1/2 hours on it since the motor was redone. Should i take it back to the dealer and make them fix it or is it something simple i'm missing? Thanks guys!

Check your basics first. Contaminated fuel or crap in the carb/jets.

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