Need some advice on bike design.

I'm starting to get pretty good at the tracks I ride and I've decided I should look a tad more professional. In my class I was the ONLY rider riding stock silver wheels with mismatched gear and zip-tied plastics..yet I still smoked some dudes on some pretty Nice$$ bikes..:thumbsup:

Got a couple questions.

Anyone run white plastics with black wheels and seats? I did a search in the forums and found a few bikes but if anyones got any photos of newer generation bikes with the similar layout that would be great.

How much $$ would a little bit of black vinyl cost me? I need enough to cover just my airbox, and maybe my fork guards.

I ride a Honda CR250..and it needs plastics BAD. I'll get the wheels coated or get new wheels last..., but plastics and new seat are first. Pretty sure I'm going with black seat.

Question too people who white they stain often? Scratch bad? I heard the black plastics scartch quite a bit. Would a good 3M plastics cleaner like we use for autobody help remove stains? I might get shroud graphics but I dont generally run fender or side # graphics...just the regular $1 #'s and my pro honda fluid front fender sticker...

Still trying to decide if I want to do red front fender and shrouds...white rear fender, side plates, and front number plates...or all white...or even ALL black


Trying to NOT look like a goon even though I'm getting faster by the minute:)


Is a better looking bike going to make you ride faster?

If I were in your position, I might replace any broken parts, slap a graphics kit on it to protect the plastic, and then continue smoking the competition. :thumbsup:

Well I need suspension and tires bad but I figured why not if plastics are $100 and I know someone who wil PC my wheels for cheap while I got the tires off.

I had a guy come over and tell me I had low air in my tire yesterday and another tell me my "fendurrr" was bent. Next moto I cam back to the one guy and told him I put lots of airs in both my tires and was ready to go real fast!!!! :thumbsup: Like honestly people are probably thinking wow what a goon on that 250 racing 450Open and then are suprised when I'm actually holding my own.

Definitley don't do all black. The black looks awesome when the plastics are new but after a couple months you will want to replace them again because they look like crap.

From what I've heard about black you are right. I heard they scratch easy. I know a lot of auto body and I can tell from experience that black is hard to paint and imperfections show easy!

Thanks but I had a set of the woody woo graphics on my one twenty five smoker and hated the look for some reason. Traded them for the ones on my 250 now.

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