will alpinestars fix my boot?

my footpeg tore a hole in the side of my boot. ripped the buckle off and tore apart the plastic. how much would they charge me to fix it if they even can?

If the plastic shell of the boot is damaged they typically cannot fix the boot. I just sent back a well used pair of 4 year old Tech 10's that I broke the tendon strap on the back of of the boot, they were obviously well out of warranty. They called me and offered me a new pair for $350 which I was very happy with. Give them a call and see if they can work you a deal like they did me. They have the best customer service out there which is one of the reasons I stick with them, good luck.

if that ^ fails. you can always try a local cobbler.

i had 2 pairs of tech tens that had tendon strap break both pairs were well used and the local alpinestars rep gave me 2 new pair for free.both pair ended up on ebay cause those boots suck.now wear sidi which you can order just about any part that breaks or wears out.

I hear about how good A-Star customer service all the time....Send them in....I say they will make it good with you either by repairing them or offering you a great deal on some new ones.......

Same experience here, great customer service. I am waiting on my boot to return from Cali. It's free minus shipping it to them. Give'm a call.

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