went for my first real ride of the season.

well, the snow is pretty much gone here in alberta, so me and a couple friends loaded up and went to a local riding area (Bruderhiem) MAN... what a blast!!! jeeez im tired though, forgot how much of a work out it is. cant wait for the tracks to be dried up!!

I went yesterday, what a blast. The snow is almost all gone on all the south facing hills, but north facing ones are still covered.

Me and my bro were just hauling going through all kinds of terrain, had a great time, got it all on helmet cam too!

you were at bruderhiem? it was my first time there but my buddies said the other side is better. but the creek was too watery to cross. over all it was a nice ride for the start of the season. not to hectic, but still got to crack the throttle.

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