V-Force fitment question

Working on a 02 cr250. First pulled the cylinder, looks like a little scouring on the piston, the cylinder looks good though.

It has V-Force II reeds/cage on it. when I pulled the reed cage out, there was all kinds of sand internally in the reed cage. Also there was a little bit of silicone around the outer edge of the cage.

Thought I heard that the V-force sometimes had sealing problems. Do most remedy these sealing problems by just using some black RTV gasket sealer around the cage gaskets.

on my buddies 99 cr i just got some gasket meteral and made another gasket to put on. just in case. hasnt had any problems at all thus far.

haven't heard of the v-force leaking but i have heard of the air boxes leaking. sand sounds like the air box, hows the carb throat ?

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