Left over 2008 z400


Went to my honda dealer again this past saturday to pick up my riding boots, glanced over at this z400 thats been there for awhile, its $3500, typical price for a dealer I guess. This past weekend when I went I flipped the tag and it said "take me home $2600" ! Thats not bad at all. Now this is a honda dealer so I figured it they probably got it at a trade in. Now its all cleaned up of course, nice shape from what I can tell other then the usual scratches on the plastics. I was thinking about buying it considering I cant even get that kinda price on craigslist. Is there anything I can do to make sure this thing wasnt beat to piss but pretty on the outside?

hmm, sit on it and check if the bars have signs of rollage, also check the bottom skid plate to see where it was ridden, there is alot of sand here in FL so a scratched up skid plate means abuse. usually a dealer wont take a trade in if the compression is bad. so ur fine with that. Go for it! my buddy got a 04 for 2300. your getting a deal!

dented skid plate i should say

Ok ill check that next time I see it, Also Id much rather have the honda 400ex because the reliable sohc simplicity. But its not the honda, so I have to ask how is the suzuki in the reliability department? From what I know its a dohc liquid cooled, but i saw a fan on it? Does it need rebuilds like a 450 would, or will it last forever with care?

I owned a Z400 in the past. In terms of engine reliability, they are up there near the 400EX. The engine is more "old school" than the 450's with their little skirtless pistons, so it will not need the frequent rebuilds and frequent oil changes. I don't think the frames are as strong as the EX.

Why didn't I keep my Z? It always flew nose low. So bad in fact, that I felt it was dangerous! Not matter what I did, like really gas it off the jump (so much that it would have wheelied the EX over backwards), it didn't help a whole lot. No thanks! Not where and the way I ride.

Really Recon? That really suprises me that its top heavy. I would have never guess that. I know your a honda fan, and so am I but is it really that bad? Would you reccomend against it because of the severity of this?

I had an 03 ltz 400 and used to go everywhere with it. Mine had a yoshi slip on and a plus 4 lonestar axel. I never had any issues with the nose being to heavy. But with that said, ltz 400 stock front shocks are good but could be a lot better. I'd have to say that's the only complaint I had. Oh ya and maybe how narrow the front is. :thumbsup:

Ok, keep in mind as far as suspension goes the atv isn't going to feel me on it, I'm a small build about 100lbs soaking wet like 5'6

i have a 06 ltz 400 i have had it since 07 and bought it used great condition from a dealer and of course i paid to much for it but i have not had any problems. great bike. i am still working on up grades to it. as of now it is still stock and runs like a champ . i can keep up with dirt bikes too.

Ok, keep in mind as far as suspension goes the atv isn't going to feel me on it, I'm a small build about 100lbs soaking wet like 5'6

I'm about 140 at 5'8" so I'm pretty small as well. But it's a very reliable quad and with a few good up grades can be quite fast. We clocked mine at 73mph with a truck. I'm not sure where you're riding but for where I ride the speed was perfect.

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