Starting '05 WR450 after 6 months


I'm trying to get my '05 WR450 started after not running it for 6 months - no joy!

Any tips. Fuel may be stale but bike was serviced prior to last use so I don't think it is bike condition.

If it were a car I would be pouring fuel/aero start in the carbie but I have a limited experience with bikes and don't know what I can get away with.

Winter is approaching (down here anyway) and I am keen to get things ready.



Fresh fuel in the tank, and lean the bike over on it's side until fuel comes flowing out of the overflow hose on the carb. Choke on, three twists of the throttle, and a couple of kicks and it should fire up. The carb is internally clean, right? Maniac

Worked like a charm


No problem Andrew!!! Maniac

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