Looking for an aftermarket exhaust for my 03 WR450

As the title says, i have a 2003 WR450 that has a stock exhaust that i would like to replace with an FMF or something like that. If you want to sell yours let me know thanks!

Have you considered a stock YZ450 exhaust? It's supposed to make a big difference and can be had fairly cheap compared to after market stuff.

You might get in trouble for asking folks to sell stuff but lets hope not.....

I wouldn't waste your money on a header, just buy a muffler. I have both a WR and YZ header and cannot tell a difference in performance between the two. BUT I do have a Q series FMF muffler, if I had a less restrictive muffler I might be able to tell the difference.

What type of riding do you do?

Yes i would buy a yz exhaust im just looking to get less restriction and more power, ive unhooked the gray wire and it didnt really help. I do off and on road riding, mostly road riding.

I recently put a YZ exhaust on my 2003 WR450 and it made a world of

difference. The engine loves finally being able to breathe and performance

seems better all around without getting ignorant loud. I like the way it looks

also. Much better than the 03 WR exhaust and in my opinion looks better than

many of the aftermarket exhausts.

The 2003 YZ exhaust is pretty much straight through with no restrictions. I

had mine apart so I saw the design first hand.

The YZ exhaust on the WR is the best bang for the buck you can get. Got

mine from ebay $100 for a exhaust that had never been used. Definitely

happy with that!

Thats a good price and thanks for the feedback i will check out some used pipes on ebay.

I do off and on road riding, mostly road riding
Just remember. Road riding = loud pipes save lives ........ off road riding = loud pipes close trails.

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