Hard spot during rear shock compression

I've got an '03 YZ 450F. I noticed yesterday when I sat on the bike, there was a hard spot when I compressed it down . I checked my chain tension and it was good. I rode around the property a little and it freed up some, but it was still a little stiff. Trying to figure out if it's the shock or linkage. I've had this for a little over 3 years.

How much time or riding has been done in water?? or have you pressure washed the bike?? lol

Mine did this late last fall after I was in some nasty clay and I over-abused my pressure washing privileges trying to get that crap off.

My linkage bearing were froze up so I had to tear them out and replace them this winter....

I've heard of members repacking them 2-3 times a season and I'll be doing this from now on. I'd pull those bolts out of the linkages and check them.... remember that there are bearings in the swing arm pivot too.

Good luck!!

Had exactly the same issue happen on my '01. Went out today to test the theory of seized linkage by spraying WD40 on all the pivot point of the linkage. Bounced the bike a few time and presto - smooth as ever.

Now it's time to tear apart the linkage and replace those bearings.

Great info guys! thanks for the lead on the linkage :thumbsup:

I've ridden in some mud. Haven't power washed it any. Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try.

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