Which paddle tire and why?

I'm completely new to sand riding, done it a few times in Eastern WA but a paddle was a bit overkill since the sand was hard(er) Heading to moses lake and oregon in the coming weeks and I heard a paddle tire is a MUST in oregon cause of the fine, ultra light sand conditions there.

So... I'm looking at tires..

What do I get? I'm aggressive on the throttle and I see there are paddle tires with 6-10 paddles. This is confusing to me. Also width and blah blah blah.

I'm running a 99 YZ400F :thumbsup:

8 paddle. 110/80-19 or 100/80-18 depending on what size rim your 400 has.

I was reading alot about people recommending an 8 paddle for 450s. I arrived in Florence and 10 paddle was the paddle to get suggested by the bike shop there. I am not sure of the difference of power between the 400 and 450. the 10 got me around awesome but I am unsure of the 400(not too familiar).

You might have to add a link. I just barely cleared the swingarm but I destroyed the little mud flap thingy. I was close to the middle on the axle blocks.

@EOZYF I never even thought about clearance so thanks for posting that, definitly something to consider. I'm assuming the more paddles the more the bike has to work to turn the tire? Like putting 33's on a pickup geared for 235/75/15 all season radials.

I've found a 8 paddle I think I'm gonna snag today. I dont know how much more power the 450 puts out either but my bike rips.

Thanks for the replies it helps :-)


Turbo paddle all the way. You can side hill sand mountain with the thing on. I ran an 8 paddle on my 250 two stroke and it was nice, don't think they make a 9 paddle for that tire, but my friend had a home made 9 paddle on his 450 and it was awesome, 10 might be too much. Skat trak makes a paddle similar to the turbo paddle, but the ridge is in the center, which doesn't work as well as it being on the side.

I use A Turbo paddle in the rear and a sand rib in the front! (same one you posted)

Turbo: terrific all conditions (Hard/wet-or-Dry/Fluffy) Great for side hill riding holds good when going ridge to ridge!

Front: GREAT when its dry and fluffy I usually use the knobby on wet/hard trips I feel it "grips" better.

I dont just ride around looking for jumps though (dont know if you do) Im a ridge and trail guy!

This is what we do!



Skat-TRAK hooker is by far the best. And they're manufacturing process makes the lightest paddle available. Anything 250 and over can turn a 10 paddle. The only problem is you have to send a knobby to Skat-Trak and they'll build you a paddle from it. Coming from a guy who rides the Oregon dune 99% of the time nothing compares to a Skat-Trak. They've got several styles to choose from but I use the hooker. I think I'm gonna get an 11 or 12 paddle built here pretty quick.

try 8 paddles they do a good job

Will a 110 90 19 have any clearance issues on a yz 400f?

No need to bump an ancient thread. It's typically better to start a new thread than to bump a 5 year old thread.


I imagine just about any paddle will have clearance issues if you try to run it all the way forward. 

Paddle doesn't really gain you much over a fresh knobby.

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I ride the dunes often here in Utah. I use an 8 paddle tire on my yz450f and I like it a lot. The 8 paddle doesn't bog down at all and it allows for better handling characteristics than the 10 paddle. Just my opinion...

I just threw on a sand snake 110 90 19

It does plenty mostly on the low end and taking off. After third gear it's nearly the same

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