2000 YZ426 manual

HELP I just bought a used 2000 YZ426. Old ownsr says he doesn't have an owners manual. Local dealer says 3-4 weeks (I ordered it).

Does anyone have 1) a spare owners or shop manual, 2) a scanner and a big heart, or 3) a secetary and a copy machine?

I feel the need to ride, but don't want to until I check the machine out. It is a Saturday wasting out there and I can't stand the thought of wasting 3 more weekends.

Would be glad to pay for a manual produced by whatever method.



If i can, i will get two when i go get my 01' 426 on Monday of this up-coming week, and i would be happy to send you one given the proper sending information.

Hey Groundhog!

What do you need?

I have the scanner, and God's given me the Heart! For His Glory, I'll help whatever way I can...What do you need, and where do I send it?


YZ426 Kicks!

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