BITD BajaMex 300

Who's going?

Where ya stayin?

We'll be at the Estero RV Park. White Chevy Crew w/26' Tahoe Camper and 650r.

Not racing. Doing a checkpoint and final gate opening and marking on Friday.


Hey Tim/TTers,

I will be pitching a tent at the Estero grounds on Thursday-small green tent and black F350... Doing some final pre-running on Friday (Uruapan to the finish). I will stop by and say hi.

We pre-ran last weekend. Great course for a 450 in December! It was brutal on the heavy 650-last 100 miles was like a blast furnace-triple digits-exhausting... Casey says N1 will need 7+ hours. Ironmanning i'm gonna need 10+ hours in the saddle....its going to be another 'race just to finish' deal.

I need some pit help at Independencia. Any ideas?

Who else is going down for the race? :)


Mike #014

We oughtta see ya there at Estero.

We're gonna try and get outta SD early Thurs.

Yes, it's a good course, uh huh.

That last section under the oak trees and those side/down hills is great. I wish more Baja races had technical stuff like that.

IMO for the most part BITD does a much better job at making new technical sections than SCORE does. BITD also tries much harder to stay off the Hwy.

Sorry I don't have any help in mind for ya at Ind.

But, you can always pull into the gas station!

Or heck, just ride around in the pits like you're looking for your crew then go up to a car pit and tell 'em, "my crew's not here, can you fill me up?". Most any car crew would do it in an instant for ya!

See ya there



Are you racing? I'm not racing this event but if you or anyone needs some pit support, I can help out.


Hey Tim, I totally agree about BITD and the course. Just wish he sent us into the desert in the AM, instead of the scorching afternoon-like last year...Fog and a chubasco, please. See ya there!

Hey Rockatt--you still interested in going down there? My personal forum is out, so please let me know here. Hope you can be talked into watching the race from Independencia, and dumping some fuel in my pig!

Any other TTers interested in going down to Ensenada/Independencia next weekend? I need a pit guy, bad! :) Once again my buddies/pit crew have backed out a week before the race :D

I gotta stop yelling at my pit crew guys!! :D




I am trying to find someone to help me with the Independencia pit. Pit 5. Any chance you might be hanging around there Saturday afternoon?


Hey Tim -

I'll be staying at Punta Banda. I'll swing by and say hi. Let me know if you need a hand pitting.

~ Ken


I might be able to hook you up. Send me a PM and we can figure this out...


Hi Ken!

No I'm not racing. I'll be there working for BITD.

Stop by!


IronDude, Man... this is painfull. I am totally up for pitting for you but I am having issues at work which may take me out. This is Monday evening, I won't really know just yet. If someone else comes through for you, grab them. If I can finagle a way to get my buns down there I'll be pitching in as well. Sorry for this latest development :)...Rockatt

Mike, I've decided to have Mag7 pit for me. Last year I had two crews, this year It'll be cheaper and safer If I had them do it.. Out of all the Best in the Desert courses, I have to say that this one is the best... I loved the technical hill sections and minimal whoops. We have at least 8 guys in our class this time around. I'll be staying at the Estero Beach resort, feel free to use my shower if you like.

See you at the riders meeting....


Hey Dan,

See ya there...thanks for the shower pit offer... Casey says Troy isnt signed up, so yeah, lets go race! I really need a 450...and some new pit guys...



...and some new pit guys...

Ouch! :)

My pit guys flaked out before the Vegas to Reno, and now again for the 300!

Had a long talk with Mr Barnum today-says he might do pits all season next year...I know Kawasaki is starting to do pits, and of course Honda does the 1000. Mag 7 does some races, but its odd that no one does all the SCORE and BITD series. Theres such a need for it!!

...I know Kawasaki is starting to do pits,

Factory kawasaki? Are you sure?

Baja 300 Follow Up!!

Mainjet- Kawasaki pitted the Vegas to Reno, and intends to pit other BITD races. They had a factory racer-Mikey- at Baja 300 for first race in Baja since you know what sadly happened. I doubt they will pit in Baja. KTM is getting more involved to, and most likely will have some level of factory KTM to race the 1000!

Speaking of the Baja 300:


That water, apple and sandwich made the difference between giving up and limping on! Baja Bound is the best!

THANKS QUAD #62 for asking if i was hurt at mile 49 after you rearended me at speed (yeah -i brake for tight corners), pushing me off the course, and then running over me and my bike. Would have been nice if you had at least helped me get the thing out of the manzanita thicket! But you were in last place, and in a hurry to try to get to second to last. :) It was odd when i asked you about it 200 miles later at auxillary pit/Uruapan and you just rode away...can I send ya the bill for the sub-frame, fender, seat, and side panel you messed up? Amatuer quad racers.... :D

BITD Baja 300 - What a course! 305 miles of amazing Baja. BITD has really made a statement with this race. With KTM and Kawasaki beating Honda in a long, if somewhat technical Baja race, the obvious question comes to mind. If Johnny cant win (not even close) with the BRP, will we see a surprise CRF450X announced in September? IMHO Honda desperately needs it to maintain credibility off-road.

Team Orange looked incredible down in Baja this past weekend. First and second place over all. Plus they clinched the Ironman championship...hmmmmmm wish i had a fast, light, nimble, 450!

Dan- how'd it go for you?

Baja 1000 Nov 23rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Yep, it was a tough race. Hot and technical for Baja standards.

Great job on your finish Mike!

Mike Childress raced the factory KX solo and he actually led OA at times during the first half of the race! It was his own private thing though, not a factory deal except for riding Destrys team bike. I think he really enjoys racing Baja so maybe he can get a little excitment built at Kawi for hitting a few of the Baja events.

I was thinking the same thing, the 650 is a big bike for that course. I too was thinking a CRF wouldda been better for them on this course. Then again, this course was pretty atypical of usual Baja stuff.

And KTM.... they did a great job. That first 100 miles had so many gates, traffic, people, and cattle - it was pretty schetchy. It's safe to say that Lanza took a few chances thru there to stay in the lead (starting first). I mean, he's a good rider but doesn't have the experience down there like the Honda guys do. I'm sure Steve didn't take risks anywhere close to what Lanza did.

Dan posted a couple pics on the WR page and a little story of his painful ride. Check it out!


Thanks for the update Tim. :)

Mike Childress raced the factory KX solo and he actually led OA at times during the first half of the race! It was his own private thing though, not a factory deal except for riding Destrys team bike.

My understanding was that Childress rode Destrys bike under his team so he would get the points.. I could be wrong...

If Johnny cant win (not even close) with the BRP, will we see a surprise CRF450X announced in September? IMHO Honda desperately needs it to maintain credibility off-road.

Mike, Just because Campbell got beat doesn't make the 650 a BRP. He got beat by another rider and not another bike... The 650 was the right choice for Honda.

Tim, Sorry I didn't get to see you this weekend.. I made a point to try to say hello..... :)

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