Skid Plates

I need a skid plate that gives the cases a good cover, not just a glide plate. I have seen plenty of brands, and was wondering if any one could reccomend a good, full cover plate, and if they have had any trouble installing thier's.

I have a MSR full-coverage plate, I even left my stock water-pump cover on with the new skid-plate. And it fit perfect, with lots of protection. ~Hit-man~


00' yz426f LATER DAYS!!!

Hey Elan!

One of the first accessories I put on my bike was body armor. Im not overly concerned about adding a pound of weight, since I don't race. Look in the Dennis Kirk catalog, and on page 112 you will see the Moose skid plates.

I ordered one off these, and it covers everything from right below the frame oil bolt, wrapping right around underneath to the rear of the bikes frame. It has side guards that fold up over the water pump and the cdi to offer added protection. It is made of aluminum and attaches with 4 bolts.

The skid is easy to maintain and offers great protection. It also allows you to change the oil without removing. Removal is only necessary if you wish to remove the frame strainer!

If you look at the picture on page 112, it looks very similar. The YZ version is $75.95 - Part No. 51-2523.

Get it, you'll never regret it!

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks

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Thanks, i think i will get the moose plate. alrighty then. ttfn

I use the Utah Sport Cycle plate. You can get them at

Rumor has it they are they build the plates for moose.



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love me Devol plate, fits great and its set up for easy service like oil changes...

It utilizes the factory water pump protectors and has a flair around the other side to serve as a bit of a case saver..

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