Just Picked up an 08 KX250F!!

I just picked up a beautiful 08 KX250F a few days ago!!

Everything is in good shape, motor has a lot of compression, shock linkage bearings are all good with no play, steering bearings turn freely, wheels spin freely with no play, clean, almost no marks on the engine cases and frame.

One dilema, it will only run with the choke on. If I turn the choke off it needs about a quarter throttle to keep it running.

The guy said it was a magazine test bike for DIRTBIKE and he bought it a few years ago and only has ridden it a few times and it sat most of the time. It has been sitting for a year since it was last started according to him.

He said the carb needs to be cleaned.

Are these symptoms of a gunked up carb?

Ya, sounds like the pilot jet has some clog-gage. That is your idle jet. And congrats on the purchase. I love my 08!

You can access the pilot jet through the 17mm float bowl nut under the carb.

You can drain the bowl via the small black hose, but the drain screw is very hard to get to. Just have a rag handy and loosen the nut.

Loosen the carb clamps and tilt the carb inwards for easier access.

The jet comes out with a small flat blade screw driver.

Clean it, or put in a new #42 jet.

Yes every kxf needs a 42# pilot jet

Also Clean your carb ,replace the pilot and check your fuel screw it should be 2 -2,5 turns out

and make sure the idle isnt to low it should be around 2.000 rpm

Thanks a lot everyone!

for insurance get valves checked unless was recently done.

drain the old gas out too, so your not running old gas through your clean carb.

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