oil out the bleeder- 2010

Alrighty. This has been an on going issue with my forks for my CRF 250.

After every ride, probably close to since I bought the bike, I've had issues with a small amount of oil coming out of the brass air bleeder screw, along with some pressurized air. Now I know the air is normal, but the oil? I've never seen this issue before, and neither has my suspension guy. We've done the fork seals, and have also done the inner chamber seals, but still can't seem to figure out why.

Anyone else have this problem?

I assume the bikes front wheel is off the ground when you check it?

Yes, that's correct.

Do you let the bike sit for a minute or two before bleeding off the pressure? If not try it.

mine did it once in one fork about 8 months ago, and never did it again since. i thought it was wierd too. fc suspension in mine. i`ll be watchin this post

Ya I actually let it sit for a few days... I've probably had the forks serviced 12 or so times, each time my suspension guy can't figure out why. The other breeder, is never pressurized.

Bump... For an answer please!

Hey Bro, its supposedly from pressure building up in the fork, mine does the same thing, I know its not right but for now I'm just dealing with it. I have found though, that when I do it first thing when I get wherever it is I am going, to bleed the fork, it does not do it, only if I forget then do it after a few laps do i get the oil out the bleeder. Good Luck with it.

My son's 2010 does the same thing. It pumps up very quickly when riding and when we go to bleed the forks it spews oil all over the place. I've had the forks apart a couple times and don't see anything out of place.

Same problem with me... Couple Laps and the braking bumps feel a lot harsher then they should be... It really pisses me off because my suspension is suppose to be set up pretty well

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