Those using heated grips

I know that we're heading into Summer but I also know it'll take me a few months to get my act together.

I've previously had oxford sport heated grips on my bikes but I've noticed on ebay that for the enduro bikes there are these filiment wraps. I assume these attache to the bar/throttle tube under the rubber grips, but Im not too convinced they'll be any good so wondered what everyone else uses.

Or better yet if someone has trialed both types of grips and can provide a review for both set ups.



I have the "wrap" style you mentioned. they work great, are cheap, and you can use whatever grips you want with them. The only thing you need to know is that you need to put two layers of heat shrink on the clutch side on the bar then put the heater over that. Otherwise the bar acts as a heat sink and the left side never gets warm.

Spot on mate thank you, what have you done with the wiring on the throttle tube side? I assume the wrap is fixed to the tube and not the bar, does the wire hide away quite nicely (no chance of snagging and snapping etc) because a large concern is the dia of the wire is quite fine and it'd be a royal pain if it snapped.

:cheers::thumbsup:I use the hot-hands wraps by oxford,they just wrap on the outside of grip and work great,atach like a crossbar pad,can go bike to bike in 5 min,no thermstat just on-125* or off,love em..:thumbsup::ride:i started ridding on march 1 in ny.:thumbsup:

I used those for about a week when I first commuted in winter, I wasnt very keen on the larger Dia of the bars so bought some replacement heated grips which were static to the bike. They were much more comfortable, thanks for your view john I appreciate its all constructive but for me those style wraps are not an option.

i put the tusk brand on mine from rocky mountain atv they are the wrap style they work great and will cook your hands on high it was about 20 degrees out no problems just pay attention to how you secure the wires on the throttle side so you can have the wire bending and not the terminals they secure too or it will brake them off

I use the wrap style with the heat shrink on the clutch side and all that good stuff....but if you ride when it is REALLY COLD then grab a pair of Tusk "oven mitts" because those plus the heated grips equates to really warm hands.

I have the wraps on mine. IIRC they are tusk branded. There are 2 settings on them, hot and HOT. They are definitely warm enough. I wrapped the left side with electrical tape before installing to even them out and it works like a charm. The left grip is a little bigger than the right now but it's barely noticeable. This is how I routed the wires on the throttle side:


Been on there for almost 10k with no problems/snagging. On the left side I came out underneath and followed the switch wiring.

I have the wrap model as well, living in Finland you can imagine they get alot of use.... Still have them switched on in the mornings, was just +2C yesterday on my way to work. Drive with short Dainese summer gloves year round, no problem. Did not think about insulating the clutch side handle so the temp is a bit uneven

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