Kx 259 gearbox interchangeable

Hi first of all im new to this forum im from the uk, england. Ive often browsed it through google search results for the past year or so and found it very useful, ive finally gotten round to signing up and im looking for some info and wondering if anyone here can help me out.

I have a kx250 1992 model, 4th gear when riding it feels as if the clutch was slipping, i know the clutch aint slipping because ive had it stripped down and everything seems fine, also all the other gears worked fine until 3rd gear started to go well i assume go similar symptoms but 3rd gear now feels as if something is jamming and feels like its pulling back then releasing every second or so as if something was tightening up around the shafts (probably not happening the tightening but its what it feels like).

Ive decided to go for a new/used box as i think im going to strip it down and one of the cogs most likely 3rd gear that engages 4th (correct me if im wrong) maybe gone or snapped/sheared in some shape or form.

What i need to know will the kx250 1991 model gear-shafts and cogs fit in the 1992 using the same selector drum off the 1992 or are the cogs interchangeable between the shafts and hopefully get a working box :thumbsup:

Thanks and much appreciation for any response and help to my first post.


Yes the 91 trans will work for you, I think you can use 89-93 trans parts in you motor and I think with a bearing and clutch change you could use 94-04 trans to if needed. The 91 trans should be just like you 92 and cause you no trouble. Good luck.


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