wr450 2WD

Is there any info available on the 2004 WR450 2 TRAC model, that was produced (i beleive) in limited numbers. From what i have found out it had an extra hydraulic pump providing oil to a front wheel (hub mounted) hyd motor.

Not much information out there, but they were released in your country, in limited quantities, and for large sums of money!!! Maniac

I bet that would be the ultimate deep sand machine! Haven't seen one around my parts.

One of the pros was racing hare scrambles around here on a Christini a few years ago. http://christini.com/

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LOL, was just talking to the creators of a "all wheel" drive system for dirt bikes. They can put it on any bike. Contact Evan or Ash at Solid Performance in Downingtown Pa.


They do all the work on my bike and are top notch mechanics. Evan wrenched for Mike Lafferty when he was running Nationals. They really know hier the bikes!

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