Over filled the oil!

A Friend of mine has a 08 alloy framed wr 450 while out the weekend it started smoking quite a bit.

to cut a long story short we got it home and found he had put about 250/300mil to much oil in it :thumbsup:

He,s drained the oil to the correct level but its still smoking, whats the likely damage?

cheers guys

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None, other than the muffler packing is probably oily, and it may have barfed into the air boot/air box quite a bit.

ok cheers that should put his mind to rest.

he could have blown some gaskets but those are cheap but a little time consuming to replace (taking the head off and cylinder etc)

he could have blown some gaskets ...
Really? How?

Update the bike is still smoking and the compresion seems down also the e/start no longer starts the engine it just turns it over.

Im guessing maybe the rings are not sealing or maybe the bores have glased over?

does this sound right? if so it there anything that can be done or does is it a strip down job?

I doubt the extra oil has anything to do with the smoking of the bike, extra oil usually just gets puked into the airbox.

look inside the airbox and see if the filter is soaked in oil, its possible the carb is sucking oil that got in the airbox... good luck..

It will take a LONG time to get it all out of the muffler packing, too.

Doesn't account for the lack of compression, but the only thing that would do that and really could have been caused by overfilling is an excess of carbon gunk on the backs of the valves. Still, a tear down might be the only way to get rid of that.

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