Hatfeild / McCoys last week in May


Anyone going to the H/Ms at the end of May? I gotta week to burn & looking for some riding partners to hit the s/t & anything in between.

I'll be in ashland for Mem Day weekend. We've got a mix of bikes and quads (utility). We're going to do some of the non-hatfield trails as well. If you've got no body to ride with let me know, I normally gotta pull some teeth to get some of the guys to follow me on the single tracks

We save the drinking for after the ride

I have one other rider for sure. We are staying in Gilbert , will be doing all the s/t there. Then probably do a day or two @ Buffalo Mtn. Supposed to be some new trails opened up on May 9th. Are you staying @ the KOA campground ? Maybe we can ride some s/t together.

Were staying in a cabin at the Ashland campground. I'm not sure if I'll get to Buffalo mountain this trip. I rode it last spring and had fun, in fact if I remember right there were some down right scary spots on the S/T!

Normally the first day I'll hit the Hatfield trails at pinnacle creek and Indian Ridge. then on stu sun do a bunch of the wagon-wheel trails (there are about 3-4 times as many trails there). we have at least two GPS units so we can explore.

Where is Wagon Wheel ? I have heard about it never ridden it. I wouldnt mind cking it out.

I tried to make a little map, you can zoom in using satellite view and see the miles of trails, I've ran them before and they were very fun, you need gps though as they are not marked.


Well the trip was a success, Ran into a few Bikes out there but not too many. I only rode about 5-10 miles of Hatfield trails , the rest were outlaw or unmarked north and south of RT52, the GPS worked great. 200 miles total, trashed my tires (mission accomplished I have a new set ready to go). I put the bike down about 5 or 6 times in some really slimy stuff, Hidden root in a mudhole sent me for a swim once.

Lots and Lots of downed trees on Friday on morning, a tornado came through on Thursday night, luckily I had a group of quads to help with the trailblazing!

Toy Tech where did you ride?

We rode Bear Wallow, Rockhouse & Buffalo Mtn. i like Buffalo Mtn best, lots of S/T that we hadnt seen before. Rockhouse is getting a little boring. Dont know if I will fool w it anymore. I do like the town of Gilbert though . 5 days of riding took its toll on me this time... sore wrists & back. Still a blast .

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