how to change coolant on suzuki ltz 400 2007


i have a suzuki ltz 400 and i just bought engine ice. how do i get all of the old coolant out? i know how to drain it i just dont know how to get everything out becasue read that to use engine ice you have to drain the engine completely. please help?

Take off all hoses, radiator cap, everything. Take a rag and a air nozzle (use alot of pressure) put it in the radiator cap, and one of the openings to the motor, wrap the rag around the hole and blow the air into it, make sure no air can come back ot toward you, thats what I did and it workd great. Do it a few times to be sure but that will get everything out! Let me know how it goes!

hopefully i got every thing out. i let everything drain and then flushed out the radiator and resivar with a hose. then i put all the hoses back on and put the engine ice in. everything seems to being going good. what would happen if i didnt get all of the old coolant out

It would just mix together. Not really a huge deal, but its just piece of mind to know everything was out when you did it. When you say you flushed it with water did you blow all the excess out after that??

Good question by the OP. I was only just wondering this myself. Great answer by 2strokeFTW, Im going to go home and try and do the same thing !!

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