How to best grease SM rear linkage bearings??

I checked with the FAQ and have greased the pivot bolt, but with the lack of grease nipples on the swingarm and linkage, I am left wondering about the best way to grease the bearings properly.

When doing the job on my mates E, I seemed to squeeze a lot of grease into the bearings via the nipples.

My SM sees a fair bit of mud, water, sand and dust and I thought about swapping to an E linkage, or can my SM linkage be modified to accept grease points?

Do I have to push the grease into all the bearings manually then?

The grease zirts don't do the job. All they are is a feel good device that don't do much of anythng.

To grease the breaings properly you need to disassemble the swing arm and grease them by hand. The trick is getting the pivot bolt out because it is often siezed in the engine cases...(no lube in those areas). Once you get it apart...which might take some doing...use antisieze the entire length of the pivot bolt. This seems to work really well in preventing future siezures allowing easy future maintenance.

Thanks. Thought so.

All apart, greased and back together. :thumbsup:

Pivot bolt was very dry (but not seized). It and all linkage bolts have now been antiseized too.

There was some very slight notching of one of the swingarm-bearing inner-sleeves but nothing else.

This was on a 2010 model, just to highlight the lack of factory grease.

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