Worth it or not?

hey guys, im looking at buying a 150 sx off a mate of mine,

it's a 2010 model, it had a new top end at 30 hours, (it has 50 hours on it)

i know these bikes are great, another one of my mates has one and i find its a blast,

allthough, the guy im buying it off rides hard, rings the piss out of it.

just wondering if you guys think this will effect it too much?

is it worth getting a bike off him if he has ridden it so hard?

i know he takes real good care of it. tranny oil every 5 hours or so, ect ect.

just a little hesitant to buy because i know he rides hard.

will it make a difference to the 2t?


I prefer to buy bikes that havent been raced or had the piss ridden out of them, but Im a trail rider. With that being said, its a motocross bike, so what do you expect?

As long as hes stayed on top if the maintenance , go for it ..obviously check it over as if u were buying it from someone u didn't know. Just throw a new top end in once it's yours..

There really is not that much to go wrong on a two stroke just because he rode it hard. The piston will wear out faster but as long as he was on top of the maintenance you should be fine. I much rather have someone who rides hard but really takes care of their bike than someone who rides trails occasionally and doesn't care.

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