Rotator Cuff Tear

MRI of shoulder indicates a partial rotator cuff tear. PT has been ongoing for over a month with no real success. The therapist’s opinion is possible labrum(?) tear or bone spurs, even though these were not indicated in the MRI report. He is stating this based on location of pain when arm/shoulder is moved in certain positions. The majority of the pain is felt when lifting the arm above shoulder height and moving the arm back (like you were going to throw a ball). It was suggested to get a cortisone shot every 3 months (or so), but really don’t want to go down that road.

For a partial tear, is PT the best course of action? Everything that I’ve read says to give it 3-4 months before thinking about surgery. If surgery would be required, is it still 6 weeks in a sling?

The invariable MRI shuould be able to say if the tear is greater or less than 50%. If it less, surgery will more likely than not, not be necessary.

If it is greater than 50% surgery will be necessary if an active lifestyle is considered.

At least in my hands, a sling for six weeks is necessary in the event surgery is performed..

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