Beginner to intermediate trail quad please

im looking for a decent sport quad that I can use for trails maybe a few hill climbs but nothing to extreme.right now im thinking about a trx 250 ex a mojave 250 or maybe a trx 200 I know the last one isn't a true sport quad far as price im looking to spend about 1500 .also between a 94 trx 200 for 1k or an 02 mohave 250 for 1500 . also I would prefer it have reverse thought comments advice is appreciated

Try a 400ex or 300ex should be able to find pretty cheap not too much power and you can ride it for awhile as you get better

Also I have a 95 xr 200 for sale for 1600 obo with a works rear shock and supetrap exhaust with uni filter in ohio

Go with a Suzuki LTZ400 or the arctic cat or kawisaki version (theyre all the same). They are one of the toughest quads out there and make enough power to keep u happy but tame enough to ride in tough technical stuff in the woods and they have reverse. I'd say if you shopped around you could find one for $1500-$2000 in pretty good shape. :thumbsup:

The best trail quads of all time are the 400EX and its little brother the 300EX. The 250EX is a good quad, but you may find it underpowered and the suspension is minimalist.

The Z400 is also an excellent machine in the intermediate class. If you are considering a 250 and are on the small/light side, then take a look at the ultralight Yamaha Raptor 250.

The Mojave has its quirks as does the Warrior/Raptor 350. Wouldn't want any of them.

What kind of qwirks on the mohave? and when would the 250 be under powered and whats wrong with the suspension

What kind of qwirks on the mohave? and when would the 250 be under powered and whats wrong with the suspension

The 250EX is based off the Recon utility quad, so it has shaft drive. Great if you need good ground clearance and ride in the wet and mud, but that configuration just doesn't allow for a very plush suspension design.

The Mojave is known for poor oiling on one of the cams (can't remember which one). My buddy had one, and he had to rebuild one cam a couple times, while the other was just fine. It also handles a bit quirky, like the frame is just a bit to short so the steering is a bit to quick.

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I really dont think you will enjoy a 250 sport quad. After about a week or so of riding it you will be wanting more. Anything from a 300ex, warrior, raptor 350 or bigger you would have plenty of fun on though.

How about a big bear or rancher I like the 4x4 just in case and could plow in the winter

Also what about a bayou or a four trax

A guy says that he has a 2000 250 bayou did they even make these then.cause he says thats what it has is but it has a 220 motor.did they even make a 250 in 2000?

ive got a 400ex thats got some goodies. pm me for details. its not hard on the wallet either!! :thumbsup::confused:

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