Price for new bike

Hey all, I would like to buy a left over new 09 or 10 crf 450 from a dealer around here. I live in the so. cal. mountains. Can anybody give me some feedback on the OTD Price and availability for these? Thanks, Dave

I paid $7050 OTD for my 11' last week in NY if it helps at all.

I wouldn't pay more than 6500 OTD for a 10', and even than I dunno.

It all depends on the market you're in. Probably could find a '10 in Cali for around $6200-$6000. I couldn't get cheaper than $6995 OTD for mine here in CO about a month ago; probably wouldn't have hurt if I checked other dealers but I was too excited!

I did see a '10 in Scottsdale on cycle trader for $5950, but I think it was before taxes.

Unless the 2010 was $1,500 less, get the 2011. It is that much better.

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