Wanting a xr650l

So I've been laid off for about 4 months now and had to sale my KLR to make ends meet. I think I'm wanting a xr mainly because its better off-road then the KLR. I'm hoping to find a used one dirt cheap that needs some TLC. Something I can strip down and build back the way I want over a few weeks/months. Haven't found anything local yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Wish me luck.

The only Mods so far I want is bigger tank (KLR spoiled me), exhaust, and different tail light. Then over time maybe aftermarket bars, barkbusters, mirrors, and maybe a better headlight depending on how bright the sticker is.

The stock headlight isn't bad, but the handlebars are. The cheapest way is to get some aftermarket 7/8 bars. Moose Racing has a good selection of inexpensive bars. Those 1 1/8 Pro Taper EVO bars sure do look nice though.

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