Thinking of a dual sport ride near Ouray/ Telluride

Hey guys, Toying with taking my son on a dual sport ride out there. We're both experienced and can handle almost anything on a trail.

Is it safe just to show up without a detailed itinerary?

Any recommended sites for trail maps?

I've read alot of other posts and sounds like a worthwhile trip from MD.

Appreciate any thoughts!

Just go & you'll love the place. We rode thru that part in 09 & had a great trip without any planning.

thanks for the info, we'll go for it.

This place looks too good to true!

Looks like we are going mid June as well.

No RV anymore so we'll likely stay in Ouray unless someone says its a must to stay somewhere else.

Thank you for taking time to respond and sending the maps!!

Enjoy your trip, hope to catch you out there.


With near record snows.... will the upper terrain be rideable in June ?

With near record snows.... will the upper terrain be rideable in June ?

Probably not. My friend who lives in CO told me of the record snows and late Spring.

We have pushed our trip out two weeks until the first part of July.

Four of my buddies and I will be there July 9th thru the 16th....staying in Ouray...our first trip out there!

Can't wait!:thumbsup:

We plan on a day in Moab first to do the WRT, then head to Ouray....

I hope you don't mind me using the info on this thread????

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