fsw jet kit or dynojet kit??

looking at some mods for the bike. any advantages to one or the other?

im at sea level to 1500ft

I had great luck with the Dynojet kit when I installed it in my KLX300 when it was stock. Just follow the directions and use the sticky at the top of the page.


I ordered a FMF kit from Rocky Mountain Cycle Parts. When I took it out of the box it was made by Dyno Jet. Well worth the money. I also cut three coils from the return spring while I was installing the kit. Some users question performing this mod.

i saw a few of those on ebay. but everyone wants a stupid amout for shipping.

my local suplier can get a kit by UMI but i havent heard of them so i am reluctant to try it.

There are basically only two suppliers/creators of jet kits. James Dean, by far the best and DynoJet. If the kit is not marketed by James Dean, the kit is almost always a repackaged DynoJet one.

One problem with DynoJet is all jets are propietary, meaning the size and design of the jet is slightly different than OEM and therefore if for example, your DynoJet 160 main is too small, you cannot but a Mikuni or Kehien 165, they do not correlate. The lock you in. Also, if you have a question, chances are the person on the phone has never even sat on a bike, let alone knows how to jet it, all they can do is read a troubleshooting manual. James Dean answers questions himself.

I do not believe James dean makes a kit for our bikes, at least they did not when i was looking. The Dyno Jet kit works just fine. It is true that the numbering sequences do not correlate but if my memory serves me correctly a 122 dyno jet is darn close to a 124 keihin. Since you are looking for the best size jet to solve your performance needs this should not be an issue. I ordered some in between jets and found the sales staff at Dyno Jet to be very knowledgeable when I dealt with them.

Go for it, you will not be disappointed.

James dean was my first call, and non they do not have a kit for the klx300

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has the FMF for $52. It is a Dyno jet kit rewrapped, at least it was when I bought it. If you order more than $100 shipping is free.

shipping is never free to canada!!!

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