maximum Suzuki

Has anyone had trouble with Maximum Suzuki???

I try to register and it seems that they don't accept my Email, my security question hasn't been answered correctly, It seems like I'm going around in circles with them and there's no contact info to get help any hints would be welcome its getting frustrating Thanks Brian

I just want to check them out Prolly not as good as thumper

I'm not sure if they had any new user signup trouble lately, but it is one of the best sources of info on the DR350's for the last 10+ years. Check the archive section once you get signed up.

Thumpertalk is 90% DR650 and 10% DR350, Max-zuke is just the opposite.

Both are excellent sites.

They do not accept Gmail or Microsoft email (Hotmail, Live, etc.,) due to spam and privacy issues -- if you are trying to use one of those accounts it will fail.

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