YZ250F Airbox on WR?

Anyone know if the 06 and up YZ250F airbox will bolt up to the 07 up WR250F if I use YZ number plates? Looks like the exhaust side number plate might be the same, obviously the airbox door/coolant bottle side is different. I'm having trouble cross-referencing to get my answer.


I have no idea. But you can make your WR airbox work as good as a YZ airbox by taking a box cutter and cutting out the top of the airbox. Then install a turntech battery to open up the area over the air filter even more. It breaths fantastic. Next, cover the opening with some of my secret air filter material and you can go twice as long between air filter cleanings and it still breathes great.

Thanks for the info xcountry. Yeah, I did something similar to my KLX450R but ended up running a KX airbox and was wondering if the YZ/WR is compatible in that respect too. I am fairly certain they are similar subframes, so it should work fine. Plus that way I can keep the stock stuff stock if I decide to switch back. I am going to yank the starter, gears and battery anyway (please hold off on the "why not buy a YZ" comments everyone, I have my reasons). Thanks again.

There is nothing to be gained by swapping boxes. The opening with the snorkle removed and holes cut per the template (for 07 and earlier) provide more than enough air for all bikes except the most exotic SM modded bike.

It is true as you open the box more and more you need o richen the jetting but power is not increasing. Becasue you opened the box, you reduced teh vacuum signal and have to compensate for less vacuum with a larger jetting.

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