RM/KX 65 vs KTM 65SX power band, suspension, and aftermarket parts?

I have heard that the KX and RM are exactly the same bike so the question comes down to Jap vs Austrian 65s. comparing 2003-2007 year models because I can't afford new.

I'm a ktm rider so I know about the ktm big bikes are bullet proof and have every option known to man. what about the little bikes? am I going to be able to get skid plates for a ktm/rm/kx 65? what about hand guards? what about a header pipe guard? what about a larger tank?

ok suspension...I'm guessing the ktm may be better out of the box then the rm/kx but what about tune-ability for the desert? can I revalve the suspensions on either bike for the desert conditions we ride? is it necessary?

powerband...we all know that torque is king in the desert. which 65 would have the best torquey, less peaky, less lightswitch type powerband? or are they all pretty much the same?

anything else to consider when looking at these peewee 2Ts?

Thanks a ton guys.


I believe the KTM is claimed to be faster this year, but all the 65s are very fast. The KTM has better suspension hands down, but the RM/KX suspension is tuneable, especially for the average rider.

There are links for theRM/KX rear to eliminate the "spike" and also to adjust height.

As for the powerband, a 65 is gonna be pretty narrow in this department, regardless of who made it. My engine builder talked me into a KX specifically for the tunability of the power curve. He performs a couple simple mods to the stock cylinder that greatly increases midrange. He tells me this is the only 65 that can have this done so easily, and result in a major change. If you like, you can PM me for details.

We went with a KX for hare scrambles, because with these mods I feel it is a better woods bike. They are also virtually unchanged over the years, so the aftermarket covers them well. Our son is just starting to ride it and loves it; might race next season on it. He is currently racing an LEM 50.

the KTM is better out of the box, but will require maintenance like any KTM. although the KX out of the box lacks a few things, you can certainly make a KX perform up to the level of a KTM. also the KX is virtually bullet proof.

Thanks for the info.

any aftermarket sites dedicated to KX/RM65s? I will need mucho protective gear for this lil bike.


KTM hands down, IMO. I have compared the KX and the KTMs and I personally feel the components on the KTM are of better quality. Both bikes are tune-able to a certain degree, so if you need to adjust you can. We bought a 2010 KTM 65sx and I know that is newer than what you are looking at, but it has been rock solid. Thank god we are done with the 50's!

hands down the ktm 65 2009-2011 the kx and rm still have not addressed the crank failur problem

If you are in the years of 2003-2007. There isn't that much difference between the 2 bikes. The 2009+ KTM is far superior. Any aftermarket item can make the bikes very equal. Suspension. It is hard to make one obviously better than the other. Engines are close enough they are very competive. We have a very trick KX 65. It can race the pre 09's very handidly. Equal kids on the new KTM. There is a advantage in HP, HP delivery to ground, and then suspension. New forks are big upgrade on the KTM.

Its been said a million times but not by me :thumbsup: Its the kid on the bike that can make it blistering fast. Some kids just seem to have no fear with talent just oozing from them and its amazing watching their abilities on the track. I have learned however that lots of these no fear kids get tons of seat time and are at the track every weekend. There are the exceptions but it comes to getting comfortable on the bike. If you race ask yourself truthfully, what level does my boy/girl ride at? Can you get the seat time?

My boy races 6-8 65 but because of grid size most places grid him in the 9-11 kids. He usually is a mid pack rider right now and not because of the bike, as soon as he gains just a hair more confidence and can hit doubles he will be up front. We usually have 10+% KX/RMs vs KTMs that line up for the races.

We have an 05 RM65 and the biggest upgrade was the... Rear shock - Night and day difference. A very high % of KTMs have the suspension gone through like I did anyway for rider weight and maybe valving. We can argue all day about the superiority of this and that. My opinion is it depends on the level of the rider.

When my guys starting clearing everything I will be looking to upgrade to match their abilities.

Do what you can afford to have fun because there are many non bike expenses in racing that will take that $$. Heck I need to get an EXXON sponsorship so I can get to the races and back anymore.

I hope that was somewhat helpful. :confused:

I kind of went the route of buy any 65 I could afford and once my son surpasses its abilities ill decide to either upgrade the piss out of his 65 or find out whats the best 65 in the market at that time and get him one of those.

Listen to the people who say be honest with yourself. My son is in his 2nd year of riding with 1 fall season of racing hare scrambles. He went from a DRZ 70 to a KX 65.

I still consider him a beginner now that he is learning how/when to use the clutch appropriately. Once he starts placing in the top 10 and or top 5 ill consider upgrades.

Otherwise ill just be another happy dad who gets to spend weekends with my boys and love every minute of it. one day when im old and not long for this world ill just be happy i got to enjoy riding/racing with all my boys!

get a ktm 65 XC !!!!!!!! ive been though 2 boys and on my 3rd and have had all of the above the ktm xc is by far the bomb unless your gonna run mx , than get a sx.

good luck

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